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21 January 2013  |  Dubai, INTERNATIONAL, TRAVEL


Musandam is a small town in Oman about an hour and a bit drive from Dubai. The middle eastern fishing village is filled with traditional Arabian styled boats called dhows and fisherman living a modest life. It’s a pretty quiet village with many of the locals using bicycles to get around and fishing to make a living. We took a dhow out on the Persian Gulf to have a look at the vast and beautiful limestone mountains kissing the ocean.  Our captain took us into a breathtaking little cove where we anchored for the day. Before a traditional lunch we took speedboats out to the picturesque beach to enjoy tanning, swimming and snorkeling. There was a quaint house hosting a local family and  2 goats and a donkey who roamed around the beach with us. We were told the owners of the house live on the beach and allow visitors to enjoy their beach during the middle eastern winter ( which is 25 to 30 degree weather!) 

After our swim and a delicious lunch the two tiny speed boats took us across the ocean to see thee most magnificent caves nestled between the mountain and ocean.  The sea breeze was both relaxing and mesmerizing and I had a few gorgeous naps on board (anyone who knows me well will know I describe a comatose nap as nothing short of gorgeous). 

If you’re heading out to the middle east anytime soon, Dubai in particular, be sure to book a Musandam tour – its a tiny paradise to say the least.

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Aisha B 

x x x Aisha B
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