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7 April 2014  |  TRAVEL

Take Flight

Jacket – Zara South Africa | Leggings – Bershka London | Shirt – MRP Menswear | Top – Mango | Bag – Zara | Boots – Country Road
Last week Tegan and I hopped onto a local flight to Johannesburg for two days. I wish I could have stayed longer but one of my best friends came into town to visit and I had to rush back to Cape Town to spend quality time with her. One thing I struggle to do on long haul flights is dress appropriately. When you’re flying economy class it’s difficult to look good and be comfortable at the same time, so I always end up styling something involving track pants and sneakers. With Johannesburg being less than two hours away from my incredible city of Cape Town, I could finally try something a little less practical to wear on my flight. I decided to test this look out, could I pull something like this off on a 7 hour flight? Although I love this flight look there are a few problems with it. Firstly my leggings were not warm enough for inflight air-conditioning. They also happen to be high waisted so I found my tummy fighting with my zip and eventually arched my back to attempt some form of comfort, had I worn them on a longer flight I would have had to undo my zip (gross). My shirt looked cool but ended up being a bit of a nuisance when I was sitting down. I eventually treated it as a very tiny blanket for my legs. This jacket, although incredibly coverted is a bit tight on my arms to wear on a plane. I would have had to stash a hoodie in my overhead luggage had the flight been longer. Lastly the boots were surprisingly comfortable and easy to slip on and off during flight. I would definitely wear ankle boots like these instead of sneakers next time because there is some room to squash a swollen foot into and its not nearly high enough to slow down walking, lifting luggage and pushing an airport trolley around.

Lets talk about your fave travel looks, comment below I love chatting to you guys

Xo Aisha 

Photography – Tegan Smith (@tegzphotography)

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  • Anelisa Mangcu


  • marcelle

    Hi aisha

    What color lipstick and blush are you using in the above pic?

    • aisha

      Hi! I am not wearing any lipstick just lip conditioner from MAC. I am using MAC on my cheeks too Xo

  • Abby

    Love the honesty of this post and I certainly agree comfort is key on a long haul flight.

    xoxo One Stiletto At a Time fashion and beauty blog

    • aisha

      Its a must!

  • Zimasa

    I tend to always reach for a trusty pair of black leggings (love the Woolies ones ‘cos of the stretch material) and a great top. Pumps always work for me confort wise. I then finish off with a high bun and some eyeliner and lipstick -oh and a bit of bio oil on my face after applying my day creme, since flight aircons dry my skin out.


    • aisha

      The bio oil tip is so clever !!! Xo

  • Nokseezy

    I used to fly frequently between Durban and P.E because I was studying at Rhodes. The more I flew, I realised that my go-to outfit would be jeans, boots and a casual white T-shirt. Depending on the season, I’d pair it with a trench or a light cardigan or a brightly coloured neck-piece. Comfort is definitely but if you can be chic it’s even better!

    PS: Slightly obsessed with your blog and the photography.