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28 January 2013  |  Dubai, INTERNATIONAL, TRAVEL

Global Village Dubai

Global Village is an annual fair hosted in the Dubai Desert for the 6months of cooler weather they like to call “winter”. The fair hosts shopping stalls from the entire world, with local products from each of the worlds continents most popular countries. I  spent mosts of my time in the middle eastern stalls picking up a few timeless pieces from Afghanistan & Pakistan as well as enjoying music and food from Jourdan and India. Theres something for everyone with tons of live entertainment showcasing the cultures of the world and great rides for kids and young adults to enjoy and of course tons of shopping to be done — it is Dubai after all! 

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Aisha B

x x x Aisha B
  • Anne Bee

    Such amazing photography! And you’re so pretty :)- Annexox

  • NUNU

    Such a beautiful place WOW

  • Nielfa Hanifa

    Gosh, I’d have asked you to bring me a daf/tar drum :) Maybe, in the near future, my travels will take me where I can find one.Liking the travel posts :)

  • Maria

    I’m Going to Dubai in a couple of days! Cannot wait to go visit here!Any other recommendations on places to go in Dubai?Xx

  • Maria

    haha never mind… just looked through your travel tags and noticed you had posts on what I asked ^_^x

  • Kiki

    Hi Aisha… Leaving for Spain end of Feb. On that side of the world winter is coming to an end but it’s still cold! Please tell me where to get one of those hats! I’ve been looking forever and can’t find! Hoping to hear from you! RegardsKim