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11 April 2016  |  LOOKS



I shared our shoot with the H&M conscious collection last week but this one was literally one of my favorite garments I have ever seen. I imagined wearing this to a farm style wedding or maybe even getting married in this dress itself. As I mentioned before the dress is made from all recycled fabrics and materials. 

About This Look 

This is pretty much the easiest garment to style depending on what your personality is like. I didn’t mean to wear sneakers under here but I like the cheeky truth that you can get away with any shoes when you’re wearing a long gown. What I would really prefer of course is a beautifully crafted pair of court shoes or heeled sandals – or even just barefoot. This dress really needs nothing but a powerful lipstick shade to look put together. 

The collection was in inspired by vintage Parisian art works, and you get a sense of this with the tapestry feel of the embroidery and brush stroke look of the print encircling the dress.

The conscious exclusive collection is viewable online here. Available exclusively at the flagship H&M store at the V&A Waterfront. 

Xo Aisha

Photography – Tegan Smith 

Full look H&M | Sunglasses RayBan

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  • Nashita Ameer Kamish

    I love how you can literally wear anything and you look flawlessly gorgeous. I must say, some of your snap chats are too funny and love your confidence in every one of them. You are awesome on every level. Love your blog! Xo

  • Lalannie Knoll

    This collection is drool-worthy!!
    You look stunning in this!!