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27 September 2016  |  XO VIDEO

Watch | Tips for greatness with Cosmo


Hey guys, I did an hilarious  “Tips for greatness” video with Cosmopolitan South Africa and Kellogs breakfast cereal. I didn’t expect them to edit in all my bloopers, its pretty funny have a watch after the jump. 


12 July 2016  |  XO VIDEO

ICYMI: My Interview with Mela

5I got interviewed recently on Mela! You guys may have missed the insert on television, so I have attached a link below! Chatting all about my career as a fashion and beauty blogger in South Africa. 


6 January 2014  |  XO VIDEO

Baked&Breed Episode 2 The Q&A

The second episode of our new video blog (aka vlog) takes you on a journey through the backend of our business as bloggers in South Africa. We might throw in some inner circle lingo for good measure. You can sit with us… again.

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Xo Aisha 

24 December 2013  |  XO VIDEO

Baked&Breed Episode 1 The Q&A

Drumroll please… Aqeelah & I have finally decided to try out this vlogging! If you like our webshow we will make a ton more, if you don’t we might just make a ton more anyway…

Xo Aisha 


I’m wearing 

Tee & Skirt – Country Road 

Hat – Woolworths (not in stock) 

Neck Piece – Mr Price 

4 November 2011  |  XO VIDEO

How To: Turban Tying. asked me to compile a turban tutorial video not to long ago explaining how to tie a quick and easy turban for spring and summer (as seen on my blog). Its a huge trend and can be used to cover any bad hair day, needless to say it comes in handy!

My voice is a little bit funny, I feel a little bit funny about it (queue nervous giggles). I hope you like the video though! Shot by the super stars at Thelonius Studio’s. They’ve got a kickass new website so click the link to check it out the link is in pink like this.
I’d love some feedback from you! If you liked this video and want me to do more tutorials please click the ” I love” button or leave me a comment.
I’m writing my last exam this Monday! Wish me luck, missing you all.
x x x 
Aisha B 


x x x Aisha B