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HAIR / Monday / September 28th, 2015

Chocolate Fudge

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 10.50.15 AM

I am sure you guys have been following my L’Oréal Paris Casting Créme Gloss journey on my Instagram and I hope most of you were involved in voting for my #Choccoaddict colour! Well the tally’s are in and we have officially changed my hair colour as voted by you! The chosen shade is “Chocolate Fudge” shade #403! 


HAIR / Monday / May 19th, 2014

Suigo Shampoo

Suigo SA

I’m often asked by my readers how I manage to look after my hair. I never usually address this question because up until this year I didn’t really care much about my hair at all. Sometimes photographs can distort reality so in actual fact my hair had been in pretty dire condition until recently. This all changed when I met my superstar hairstylist Taahirah on Instagram. She owns and works from an unassuming home salon in Cape Town and fits me in at odd hours to take care of my now partially golden tresses. The best part about having a stylist you truly trust is that she (or he) introduces you to amazing products that really work! Trusting someone with your hair is like trusting them with your life.

Taahirah introduced me to Suigo a little while back in the salon and I was completely obsessed just because it smells so good. When Suigo SA (Available here) sent me a sample product, I was instantly sold. I am now able to achieve salon healthy hair at home, which is awesome! The brand is quite exclusive in South Africa at the moment but can be found on their online store with a postage fee of R35.

I am currently using their Ultimate Control shampoo and conditioner and I am yet to try their artist products and hair treatments, but I am sure they’re just as great. Because I love the product so much Suigo SA has given us a hamper filled with Shampoo, Conditioner and a few styling products to one lucky South African reader. All you need to do is follow & share!


1. Follow @SuigoSA on Instagram & Twitter

2. Repost my #BTBSuigoGiveway picture on instagram by tagging @SuigoSA (dont forget to include the hashtag so we can find you)

3. Share the instagram photo to your twitter

4. The winner will be notified via email.


HAIR / Thursday / March 28th, 2013

Quick Big Bun Tutorial

Readers tweet and write to me often about my fab hair buns. The secret is my trusty hair donut! I use it to save me from a rushed morning or bad hair day, its quick easy and an efficient way to look good in a hurry. I picked up my hair donuts overseas but I hear rumors on twitter that Woolworths and other local department stores are selling them. If you still can’t get your hands on one you can make your own out of socks (here). All you will need is medium to long length hair, a hair donut, hair pins and a hair brush. Always start off with a pony tail tied firmly back and pin fly aways. Check out my ponytail how to here if you’re not sure how to get the perfect pony. 
I hope this helps! 
x x x
Aisha B

Big Beauty Queen Bun:
This one is really simple but may require a bit more practice to get the hang of. Tip you head down and start folding the tips of your pony into the hair donut. Once the tips are securely placed around the donut start rolling it towards your scalp, being careful to catch fly aways. Follow the pictures below. As usual pin and spray back fly aways. 

Quick & Easy Wrap Around Bun
This is probably the quickest and easiest bun you could ever do! First smooth the donut from the tip of your pony to your scalp. Fold your hair over the donut and place a hair band over it to secure the hair. Wrap the loose ends around your donut and pin to secure. Follow the pictures below as a guideline. 
x x x Aisha B

HAIR / Wednesday / March 20th, 2013

Quick Ponytail How To

This post is dedicated to ponytail swag. Pony’s have been my saving grace these past few weeks since I have been studying and I am in a mad rush every morning. I have pretty much perfected a slicked back pony, but I know its really hard to do so I have decided to let you in on my newly perfected talent. I have watched tons of videos on getting the perfect high ponytail swag, since I have a complicated crown system its hard for me to get my hair to slick back perfectly. It definitely takes a lot of practice for girls like me who’s struggle in the hair department, but once you know how it is a quick and easy way to conceal greasy hair (gross but life happens), bad hair days and if you have a frizzy situation you can turn that pony into a high plait and rock it. 

Step 1: Brush Out Those Nasty Knots. 

If you have the bubbly pony problem that I do make sure you brush out every single knot. Brush your hair before going to sleep at night and before washing it to help your knot problem. My aunties used to tell me for healthy, long hair you have to brush it threw one hundred strokes every night before bed. This is probably an old wives tale but it helps brushing your hair at night. Try out the Tangle Teezer hair brush. Its seriously a dream come true, pain free detangling! 

Step 2: Tie it back 

To get your pony extra high, one of my readers suggested bending forward when grabbing your hair into a ponytail. Do this but as you tie your pony use a small brush with bristles close together to brush your hair flat. Once you regain your upright position keep brushing the hair flat and adjust your hair tie accordingly. Since you have brushed all the knots out it shouldn’t bubble, if it does you have knots naughty girl, refer back to step one. 

Step 3: Tighten & Pin
I divide my pony into two parts and pull them in opposite directions to tighten the pony. There after pinning my baby hairs and fly aways securely.

Step 4: Spray & Perfect
Spray and perfect the pony using hair spray and hair brush.  Take a small section out of your pony to wrap around and conceal your hairband. Pin securely 

x x x
Aisha B 
x x x Aisha B