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Baked The Blog is the brainchild of Capetonian fashion enthusiast and online influencer Aisha Baker.

Aisha inherited her name, her love for fashion and beautiful aesthetics from her grandmother, a bespoke tailor and seamstress. As a little girl Aisha witnessed the power her grandmothers beautiful garments had in bringing joy to people’s lives – this sparked an everlasting love for fashion. Today she still dreams of a career in design.

Aisha currently works with her team to develop inspirational and expressive fashion and lifestyle content with a real girl voice. The Baked The Blog reader is no different to Aisha in her search for imaginative expression, daily musings and ultimate style.

Following her through her Bachelors degree in management and rise in digital media, Baked The Blog has become an inspirational source for young women across South Africa. Having been featured in Elle, Glamour, Marie Claire, Top Billing, The Expresso Show and various other media, Aisha aspires to grow Baked The Blog into a homegrown South African brand that can be enjoyed globally.