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13 June 2016  |  FASHION

Laundry Hacks with Ariel


As I mentioned in my last post (here), I am bit of a laundry nerd – inherited from my mom – who is in fact the stain removal queen. One of my most recent and epic stain disasters was on my wedding day. I had stained the center of my milk duchess satin dress with chili red lipstick. Of course I was devastated that I had ruined my dress before the day had begun but with a little bit of hustle I managed to get my hands on 75% alcohol. I know that sounds crazy but a friend of mine had surface sanitizer in her bag with alcohol as the ingredient. With a careful spraying and dabbing we managed to get the stain out just before my dad gave me away to my new husband. This is not really an effective or advisable form of stain removal. However, it shows the lengths we are willing to go to get tough stains out of our clothing, especially with our time sensitive lifestyles we live today. 


12 June 2016  |  LOOKS

Happy Birthday To Me

Levi's MM_Aisha_008

It’s the 12th of June aka my birthday! I am usually super nostalgic on my birthday, I love looking back at the preceding year and reflecting on how much I have grown since. It’s so funny but I am always quite depressed before and on my birthday because of my nostalgia! I kinda low key blame my star sign for this, and a bunch of other random things. #GeminiSeason


9 June 2016  |  BEAUTY

Clarins Bright Plus Review


Clarins has challenged me to try their Bright Plus range and review the affects over 21 days of use. The range includes the new Tri-Intensive Brightening Serum, Clarins Brightening Hydrating Day Lotion and the Clarins Brightening Repairing Night Cream. All of which smell amazing. This post is quite an extensive review of the product, because I do not take beauty products lightly!  (more…)

7 June 2016  |  FASHION

Ramadan Mubarak

13bwIts my favorite time of year! I love Ramadan so much, for those of you who don’t know I am a muslim so this is an important time of year me. Over the fast I usually take time out from work to focus on my religious obligations but this year I have to work, unfortunately for me. That said I thought for a change I would share what my ramadan experiences are via my snapchat.  (more…)

11 May 2016  |  FASHION

Future Fabrics


Laundry is perhaps the least glamourous/most scary portion of any shopping experience, but it’s as inevitable as taxes. Whether or not your fantastic bomber jacket will lose shape in the washing machine or survive another spin around can place fear into any fashionable fast moving woman. I am honored to have partnered up with Ariel  for the next two months to educate my followers on laundry care. As man-made fabrics have become a norm in our generation, laundry care has gone up a notch. For the next two months I hope to decrease the risk of sending your favorite items into the laundry grave of shrunken and lustreless clothing-that-was.  (more…)






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