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21 November 2014  |  EVENTS

Trends Talk With Aisha

Dune London talk

I am super excited to announce my Summer Trends Talk presented by Dune London on the 29th of November from 12pm – 3pm at Canal Walk shopping centre in Cape Town. Come join me as we talk talk through some of  the upcoming high summer accessory trends you simply must have with one of my favourite brands! Enjoy a giggle & chat about everything fashion over sweet treats and a cheerful drink!  (more…)

20 November 2014  |  Looks

Day Dreamer


I have this problem with day-dreaming. Even as a child I would sit alone making up my own fictional world – which for some reason has always been more appealing than this one. I tend to live in my head from time to time believing that my fantasies are more riveting than my everyday life. I spend hours in my day thinking up all kinds of scenarios – this may sound unproductive but it’s kind of soothing for me to dream. I am sure my fellow desk-job-day-dreamers out there can relate.  (more…)

18 November 2014  |  LOOKS



I am really happy to only have 6 weeks left before my day job closes up for the summer holidays. My city is summer central with lush white beaches (freezing cold water but we don’t go to the beach to swim), fantastic roadside restaurants, palm tree’s and a south easterly breeze. Basically a piece of heaven on earth! I cannot wait to spend my summer in my incredible home town.  (more…)

17 October 2014  |  LOOKS

Double Denim



I’m really excited about the Superdry summer 2014 collection available in South Africa at the moment.  A brand priding itself on quality fabrics with a high thread count as well as innovative designs which will last a few washes not just one. What I love most about their design is the simplicity and subtlety of their pieces. from their burn out printed tee’s to their raised prints – the key in their design is attention to detail and top quality fabric. I am truly obsessed with their t-shirt fits and outerwear. Light parka’s for summer are so great with shorts and flops or dressed up with heels of course. Superdry asked me to explore their summer collection and gifted me a few items from the range to play with on BTB.  (more…)

14 October 2014  |  LOOKS

Ebb & Flow


I have had an overwhelming response to the new blog! It’s so great to get good feedback from my readers. I feel this incredible pressure to please you and write to you more regularly but with the festive season looming my words seem to fail me. Working a 9-5 job pushing numbers and taking names can really dilute ones creativity. When I was a student I found my brain overflowing with creative thoughts, whether business orientated or artistic – I was definitely way more open. 

Increasing responsibility and budgeting has left my a little less inspired! However I hope to gain my creative flow really soon while once I have gone through the necessary ebb of mundane pencil pushing.  (more…)